2017 OCAA Women's Volleyball Championship

Presented by belairdirect

Feb. 24-26, St. Clair College SportsPlex, Windsor, Ont.

Event Info

The St. Clair College Department of Athletics is proud to host the 2017 OCAA Women's Volleyball Championship presented by belairdirect. Windsor and Essex County has been a tremendous volleyball region and will showcase the outstanding talents of the OCAA women's volleyball players.

All tournament games will be played at the new St. Clair College SportsPlex on the feature gym court. The gym has a shaded feature volleyball court. The height of the gym is to FIVB international height requirements. Bleacher seating for 1,250 is available plus running track standing room and the Saints Suite.


Algonquin Thunder

Cambrian Golden Shield

Tournament Central

Date Home Away Status Links
Fri. 24 Durham Fanshawe # % 1:30 PM
  Niagara Cambrian # % 3:30 PM
  Humber Loyalist # % 6:00 PM
  St. Clair Algonquin # % 8:00 PM
# Exhibition
% Postseason



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To be announced Friday, Feb. 24


Season Gold Silver Bronze
2015-16 Humber Niagara Fanshawe
2014-15 Humber Durham Niagara
2013-14 Humber Fanshawe Trent
2012-13 Humber Nipissing Cambrian
2011-12 Humber Cambrian Nipissing
2010-11  Humber Nipissing Fanshawe
2009-10 Humber Nipissing Mohawk
2008-09 Humber Nipissing Algonquin
2007-08 Humber Nipissing Mohawk
2006-07 Nipissing Humber Mohawk
2005-06 Humber Nipissing Mohawk
2004-05 Cambrian Humber Durham
2003-04 Humber Durham Cambrian
2002-03 Cambrian Niagara Humber
2001-02 Durham Cambrian Mohawk
2000-01 Cambrian Humber Seneca
1999-2000 Humber Cambrian Durham
1998-99 Durham Humber Seneca
1997-98 Humber Algonquin Sheridan
1996-97 St. Clair Durham Cambrian
1995-96 Seneca Cambrian Nipissing
1994-95 Seneca St. Clair Humber
1993-94 Seneca Durham St. Clair
1992-93 Seneca Sheridan Durham
1991-92 Seneca Sheridan Humber
1990-91 Seneca Humber Cambrian
1989-90 Seneca

1988-89 Centennial Seneca Humber
1987-88 Seneca Centennial Durham
1986-87 Centennial Sheridan Seneca
1985-86 Durham Centennial Sheridan
1984-85 Sheridan Centennial Seneca
1983-84 Seneca Centennial Sheridan
1982-83 Georgian St. Clair Mohawk
1981-82 Seneca

1980-81 Seneca

1979-80 Mohawk

1978-79 Seneca

1977-78 Conestoga

1976-77 Algonquin

1975-76 Algonquin 

1974-75 Mohawk

1973-74 Rouyn

1972-73 Rouyn

1971-72 Fanshawe

1970-71 Fanshawe

1969-70 Niagara

1968-69 Fanshawe 

1967-68 Fanshawe