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Category: Builder
Institution: Sheridan College
Inducted: 2003

Jim Makela's career at Sheridan College began in 1968 as the Assistant Athletic Director, a position he held until 1982, when he moved into faculty and remained at the college until 1997.

One of his largest contributions to the OCAA and Sheridan College came in the sport of alpine skiing. As coach he led the Bruins to 12 OCAA team championships and 10 individual championships.

His service as the OCAA Senior Convenor for skiing spanned 10 years (1971 to 1979 and 1985 to 1988), and he also served as cross country running Senior Convenor in 1971-72 and table tennis Senior Convenor in 1973-74.

In addition, Makela volunteered time to sit on the OCAA Awards Committee. In 2001 Jim Makela was honoured by the OCAA with the presentation of a Shield Award.