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Category: Builder
Institution: St. Lawrence College (Kingston)
Inducted: 2003

Brian Murphy was the Athletic Director at St. Lawrence College, Kingston Campus, for 15 years, during which time he committed a decade of of volunteer service to the OCAA.

In 1976-77 and 1978-79 he sat as the Chair of the Membership Committee, and then served as an OCAA Vice President from 1979-1983.

Murphy then focused his attention on convening, serving as Tier I Senior Convenor for men's hockey in 1983-84 and Tier II Convenor in men's hockey in 1984-85. In 1985-86 and 1986-87 he served as Tier II Convenor for women's basketball.

Prior to joining St. Lawrence, Murphy played OCAA hockey for Centennial, and was their team captain and Athlete of the Year in 1971.

In 1991, Brian Murphy was presented with a Shield Award in recognition of his contributions to the OCAA.

Brian moved to the college's Counselling Department in 1987 where he remained until his retirement in 2002 completing 30 years of service.