2017 OCAA Curling Championships

Presented by belairdirect

Feb. 16-19, Community First Curling Centre, Sault Ste. Marie, Ont.

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The City of Sault Ste. Marie has a strong history as a sporting city. It has hosted many prestigious sporting events in the past such as: the Labatt's Brier (1990), the Memorial Cup (1993), and the Scotties Tournament of Hearts (2010). The city loves sporting events and it is well supported by businesses and citizens in Sault Ste. Marie.

Community First Curling Club is the host club of the 2017 OCAA Curling Championships presented by belairdirect. The club has hosted many large curling events in the past including: several Northern Ontario Men's Provincials, Canadian Junior Championship, several OCAA Championships, and a CCAA Championship.

Latest News


SAULT STE. MARIE, Ont. - Championship Sunday in OCAA curling action didn't disappoint as 12 teams set out to claim provincial glory for their colleges at the Community First Curling Centre.


SAULT STE. MARIE, Ont. - After three days and 20 draws in men's, women's and mixed action the playoff field is set for the 2017 OCAA Curling Championships presented by belairdirect at the Community First Curling Centre.


SAULT STE. MARIE, Ont. - Day 2 of the 2017 OCAA Curling Championships presented by belairdirect at Community First Curling Centre marked moving day at the event as teams in all three divisions looked to curl their way into playoff contention.


SAULT STE. MARIE, Ont. - The 2017 OCAA Curling Championships presented by belairdirect opened Thursday at the Community First Curling Centre hosted by Sault College and after five draws of play the dust has not begun to settle on the field of nine colleges.


SAULT STE. MARIE, Ont. - The quest for OCAA glory in curling begin this week with 22 teams from nine institutions competing for collegiate supremacy in men's, women's and mixed play.


Confederation Thunderhawks

Fanshawe Falcons

Fleming Knights

Humber Hawks

Mohawk Mountaineers

Niagara Knights

Sault Cougars

Seneca Sting

St. Clair Saints

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To be announced Sunday, Feb. 19


OCAA Men's Team Champions

Season Gold Silver Bronze
2015-16 Fanshawe Sault Humber*
2014-15 Sault Fleming* Fanshawe
2013-14 Sault Humber Fanshawe
2012-13 Fanshawe Confederation Sault
2011-12 Sault Fanshawe* Fleming-P
2010-11 Fanshawe Fleming-P Niagara
2009-10 Fleming-P Niagara Fanshawe
2008-09 Fleming-P Niagara Sault
2007-08 Confederation Niagara Seneca
2006-07 Seneca Mohawk Algonquin
2005-06 Seneca Fleming-P Fleming-L
2004-05 Confederation Seneca Fleming-P
2003-04 Algoma Algonquin Confederation
2002-03 Confederation Mohawk Algonquin
2001-02 Confederation Algonquin Seneca
2000-01 Algonquin Confederation Sault
1999-2000 Algonquin Fleming-P Confederation
1998-99 Seneca Fleming-P Sault
1997-98 Mohawk Confederation Cambrian
1996-97 Algonquin Georgian Confederation
1995-96 Durham Algonquin Confederation
1994-95 Durham  Confederation Cambrian
1993-94 Georgian Durham Cambrian
1992-93 Seneca

1991-92 Sault Algonquin Georgian
1990-91 Fleming-L Georgian Fleming-P
1989-90 Fanshawe Mohawk Georgian
1988-89 Mohawk Georgian Fanshawe
1987-88 Fanshawe* Algonquin Confederation
1986-87 Algonquin Seneca Georgian
1985-86 Humber Algonquin Georgian
1984-85 Confederation*

1983-84 Seneca Fanshawe Mohawk
1982-83 Fanshawe Seneca Cambrian
1981-82 Confederation Sheridan St. Lawrence-K
1980-81 Algonquin Georgian Confederation
1979-80 Algonquin Sheridan St. Clair
1978-79 Algonquin

1977-78 St. Lawrence-K Confederation Durham
1976-77 Confederation Algonquin Centennial
1975-76 Georgian

1974-75 Mohawk

1973-74 Loyalist

1972-73 Durham

1971-72 Algonquin

1970-71 Seneca

1969-70 St. Clair

1968-69 Sault

1967-68 Confederation

*Won National Championship


OCAA Women's Team Champions

Season Gold Silver Bronze
2015-16 Seneca* Fanshawe Confederation
2014-15 Fanshawe* Humber Mohawk
2013-14 Fanshawe Mohawk Sault
2012-13 Niagara Confederation Fanshawe*
2011-12 Sault Humber Fanshawe*
2010-11 Algonquin Mohawk Fanshawe
2009-10 Mohawk Confederation Fleming-P
2008-09 Fleming-P Confederation
2007-08 Fleming-P Algoma
2006-07 Fleming-P Algoma Mohawk
2005-06 Confederation Fleming-P Mohawk
2004-05 Confederation Fleming-P Niagara
2003-04 Algonquin Fleming-P Confederation
2002-03 Confederation Mohawk Fleming-P
2001-02 Confederation Georgian Mohawk
2000-01 Confederation Georgian Fleming-P
1999-2000 Confederation Sault
1998-99 Confederation Sault Georgian
1997-98 Seneca Sault Confederation
1996-97 Confederation Georgian Sault
1995-96 Algonquin Georgian Confederation
1994-95 Seneca Durham Georgian
1993-94 Georgian Cambrian Sault
1992-93 Cambrian

1991-92 Cambrian Fanshawe Georgian
1990-91 Confederation Georgian Mohawk
1989-90 Confederation* Mohawk Georgian
1988-89 Confederation* Northern Georgian
1987-88 Fanshawe Cambrian Confederation
1986-87 Canadore Mohawk Seneca
1985-86 Cambrian* Mohawk Georgian
1984-85 Mohawk

1983-84 Centennial Loyalist Cambrian
1982-83 Durham Centennial Loyalist
1981-82 Seneca Durham Cambrian
1980-81 Centennial Seneca Cambrian
1979-80 Cambrian Centennial Georgian
1978-79 Centennial

1977-78 Confederation Durham Centennial
1976-77 Centennial St. Lawrence-K Sheridan
1975-76 Fanshawe

1974-75 Rouyn

1973-74 Rouyn

1972-73 Sault

1971-72 Algonquin

1970-71 Lambton

1969-70 Lambton

1968-69 Humber

*Won National Championship


OCAA Mixed Team Champions

Season Gold Silver Bronze
2015-16 Fanshawe Sault Humber
2014-15 Sault Humber St. Clair
2013-14 Humber Niagara Algonquin
2012-13 Fanshawe Sault Humber
2011-12 Seneca Fanshawe St. Clair
2010-11 Seneca St. Clair Algoma
2009-10 Fleming-P Algoma St. Clair
2008-09 Algoma St. Clair Mohawk
2007-08 Mohawk Confederation Fleming-P
2006-07 Algonquin Fleming-P St. Clair

2004-05 St. Clair Algonquin Confederation
2003-04 Mohawk Algonquin St. Clair
2002-03 Algonquin Fleming-L Confederation
2001-02 Seneca Confederation Mohawk
2000-01 Seneca Fleming-P Confederation
1999-2000 Confederation Fleming-L Georgian
1998-99 Fleming-L Niagara Cambrian
1997-98 Algonquin Fleming-L Mohawk
1996-97 Niagara Mohawk Seneca
1995-96 Sault Seneca Algonquin
1994-95 Confederation Niagara Mohawk
1993-94 Confederation Niagara Algonquin
1992-93 Confederation

1991-92 Niagara Georgian Canadore
1990-91 Cambrian Confederation Georgian
1989-90 Georgian Fanshawe Confederation
1988-89 Georgian Algonquin Fanshawe
1987-88 Confederation* Mohawk Fanshawe
1986-87 Fanshawe Confederation Algonquin
1985-86 Algonquin Canadore Confederation
1984-85 Algonquin

1983-84 Seneca Fanshawe Algonquin
1982-83 Seneca Niagara Algonquin
1981-82 Seneca St. Lawrence-K Georgian
1980-81 Seneca Georgian Confederation
1979-80 Lambton Sheridan Seneca
1978-79 Sault

1977-78 Sault Humber Seneca
1976-77 St. Clair Sheridan Seneca
1975-76 Sault

1974-75 Sheridan

1973-74 Sheridan

1972-73 Northern-KL

1971-72 Sheridan

1970-71 Lambton, Sheridan

*Won National Championship