2017 OCAA Cross Country Championships

Presented by belairdirect

Saturday, October 28 @ The Fanshawe Conservation Area - London, Ont.

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Fanshawe College is proud to host the 2017 OCAA Cross Country Championships on Saturday, October 28 at the Fanshawe Conservation Area in London, Ontario.

The 3,000 acre conservation area was created when Fanshawe Dam and Reservoir were constructed to protect the City of London from flooding. Our outdoor playground, perched on the edge of the City of London, offers a great location for special events, and so much more. Watson Porter Pavilion will be open for all participants and Coaches. We ask that all spectators keep this area free for Athletes and Team Staff.


Championship Schedule

Saturday, October 28

8:00am – Site Registration 

9:00am – Optional Walk Through

10:40am – Opening Announcements

11:00am – Women’s Race (6 km)

12:00pm – Men’s Race (8 km)

4:30pm – Championship Banquet (Western Fair District – Carousel Room)


Individual Results

Men's Team Results

Women's Team Results


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LONDON, Ont. - The host Fanshawe Falcons made it a clean sweep of the gold medals at the 2017 Ontario Colleges Athletic Association (OCAA) Cross Country Championships presented by belairdirect.


LONDON, Ont. - The province's top collegiate runners will compete on Saturday at the 2017 Ontario Colleges Athletic Association (OCAA) Cross Country Championships presented by belairdirect.


Cambrian Golden Shield

Centennial Colts

Conestoga Condors

Confederation Thunderhawks

Fanshawe Falcons

Fleming Knights

George Brown Huskies

Georgian Grizzlies

Humber Hawks

Laurier Brantford Golden Hawks

Loyalist Lancers

Mohawk Mountaineers

Niagara Knights

Redeemer Royals

Sault Cougars

Seneca Sting

Sheridan Bruins

St. Clair Saints

St. Lawrence-Brockville Schooners

St. Lawrence-Cornwall Sharks

St. Lawrence-Kingston Vikings

Toronto Mississauga Eagles

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Women's All-Ontario First-Team
Janelle Hanna, Fanshawe
Mary Strain, Cambrian
Emily Marcolini, Cambrian
Kaitlin Shuvera, Humber
Sophie Glanz, Toronto-Mississauga
Sarah Beairsto, Mohawk
Elizabeth Horrobin, St. Clair

Women's All-Ontario Second-Team
Jenna Freeman, George Brown
Erin Adam, St. Lawrence-Kingston
Sammi-Jo Burch, Fanshawe
Lorelei Wiebe, Mohawk
Stephanie Nevison, Toronto-Mississauga
Brianna Dolderman, Conestoga
Katie Holman, George Brown

Men's All-Ontario First-Team
Jordan Kadlecik, Fanshawe
Tyler Jones, St. Clair
Andrew Brown, St. Lawrence-Kingston
Christopher Caddey, Fanshawe
Alastair Thompson, Fanshawe
Cole Bond, Sheridan
Matthew Lozano, Centennial

Men's All-Ontario Second-Team
Gavin Wesley, St. Clair
Aaron Veenstra, Humber
Zach Buchan, Fanshawe
Kyler Norton, Mohawk
Andre Tomasian, St. Clair
Dean VanHerpe, Fanshawe
Justin Attfield, Fanshawe

OCAA Rookie of the Year
Women: Sophie Glanz, Toronto-Mississauga
Men: Tyler Jones, St. Clair

OCAA Coach of the Year
Danny Webster, Sheridan

OCAA Fair Play Award
Tim Harper, St. Lawrence-Brockville

OCAA Medal Winners
Women's Team Results
Gold: Fanshawe
Silver: Humber
Bronze: George Brown

Women's Individual Results
Gold: Janelle Hanna, Fanshawe
Silver: Mary Strain, Cambrian
Bronze: Emily Marcolini, Cambrian

Men's Team Results
Silver: St. Clair
Bronze: Sheridan

Men's Individual Results
Gold: Jordan Kadlecik, Fanshawe
Silver: Tyler Jones, St. Clair
Bronze: Andrew Brown, St. Lawrence-Kingston



Previous Team Champions

Gold Silver Bronze Gold Silver Bronze Gold
2016-17 Fanshawe Humber Mohawk Humber St. Clair Conestoga  
2015-16 Humber Fanshawe Centennial Humber Conestoga George Brown  
2014-15 Fanshawe Humber* Fleming Humber St. Clair Conestoga  
2013-14 Fanshawe* Humber St. Clair St. Clair Humber Sault  
2012-13 Fanshawe* Humber Fleming Humber Sault Redeemer  
2011-12 Fanshawe Humber Fleming-P Humber* George Brown St. Lawrence-B Humber
2010-11 Fanshawe* George Brown Fleming-P Fanshawe* Humber Fleming-P Fanshawe
2009-10 Fanshawe George Brown Cambrian Fanshawe* George Brown Humber Fanshawe
2008-09 Conestoga Fanshawe George Brown Fanshawe* Humber Redeemer Fanshawe
2007-08 Fanshawe Conestoga Humber Humber St. Lawrence-K Redeemer Humber
2006-07 Humber Fanshawe Cambrian Humber Loyalist Fleming-P Humber
2005-06 Fanshawe Fleming-P St. Clair Georgian Cambrian Redeemer Cambrian
2004-05 Cambrian Fleming-P St. Clair Loyalist Cambrian Redeemer Cambrian
2003-04 Fleming-P Cambrian Lambton Cambrian George Brown Redeemer Cambrian
2002-03 Fleming-P Georgian Lambton Georgian Fanshawe Loyalist Georgian
2001-02 Fleming-P Fanshawe St. Lawrence-K Georgian St. Lawrence-K Fleming-P Fleming-P
2000-01 Fanshawe Fleming-P Cambrian Georgian Fanshawe Cambrian Fanshawe
1999-2000 Cambrian St. Clair Georgian Cambrian Fanshawe Loyalist Cambrian
1998-99 Cambrian St. Clair Fanshawe St. Clair Cambrian Fanshawe Cambrian
1997-98 Fanshawe St. Lawrence-K Cambrian Cambrian Fanshawe St. Clair Fanshawe
1996-97 St. Lawrence-K Lambton Fanshawe Fanshawe St. Clair Mohawk Fanshawe
1995-96 Fanshawe Humber Lambton Cambrian St. Clair Fleming-L  
1994-95 Mohawk Fanshawe Northern St. Clair Cambrian Fanshawe  
1993-94 Loyalist Cambrian Mohawk Cambrian Loyalist St. Clair  
1992-93 Fanshawe Mohawk Loyalist Cambrian Loyalist St. Clair  
1991-92 Fanshawe Mohawk Northern Fanshawe St. Clair    
1990-91 St. Clair Mohawk Fleming-P St. Clair Loyalist George Brown  
1989-90 St. Clair Sheridan Fanshawe St. Clair Sheridan Fanshawe  
1988-89 Sheridan George Brown Mohawk Mohawk St. Clair Fanshawe  
1987-88 Mohawk Fanshawe Georgian Mohawk Georgian Redeemer  
1986-87 Mohawk Fanshawe Georigan Mohawk Georgian Confederation  
1985-86 Georgian     Mohawk      
1984-85 Mohawk St. Lawrence-K Fleming-P Mohawk St. Lawrence-K Georgian  
1983-84 Mohawk Centennial Georgian Mohawk George Brown St. Clair  
1982-83 Mohawk St. Lawrence-K Georgian Mohawk St. Clair Confederation  
1981-82 St. Lawrence-K Fleming-P Mohawk Mohawk St. Clair Georgian  
1980-81 St. Lawrence-K Humber Sheridan George Brown Georgian Conestoga  
1979-80 St. Lawrence-K Confederation Centennial St. Clair Humber Fleming-P  
1978-79 St. Lawrence-K Seneca Mohawk Sheridan Centennial Fleming-P  
1977-78 Sheridan Seneca Georgian Centennial      
1971-72 Mohawk            
1970-71 Mohawk            
1969-70 Mohawk            
1968-69 Sheridan            
*Won National Championship

Previous Men's Individual Champions

Gold Silver Bronze
2016-17 Seth Marcaccio (Fanshawe)* Rob Asselstine (St. Lawrence-K) William Chemno (Centennial)
2015-16 Rob Asselstine (St. Lawrence-K)* Seth Marcaccio (Fanshawe) Riley Hubbard-Olesky (Fleming)
2014-15 Riley Hubbard-Olesky (Fleming) Seth Marcaccio (Fanshawe) Rob Asselstine (St. Lawrence-K)
2013-14 Clint Smith (Fanshawe) Riley Hubbard-Olesky (Fleming) Sean Sweeney (George Brown)
2012-13 Clint Smith (Fanshawe) Andrew DeGroot (St. Clair)* Sean Sweeney (George Brown)
2011-12 Sean Sweeney (George Brown) Clint Smith (Fanshawe) Jamie Switer (Fleming-P)
2010-11 Jason Smith (Conestoga) Clint Smith (Fanshawe) Sean Sweeney (George Brown)
2009-10 Jason Smith (Conestoga) John Mason (Fanshawe) Biemnet Yemane (Fanshawe)
2008-09 David Sharatt (Conestoga) Josh Bujold (Cambrian) Sean Sweeney (George Brown)
2007-08 David Sharatt (Conestoga) Nelson Ndereva Njeru (George Brown) Martin Labute (St. Clair)
2006-07 Martin Labute (St. Clair) Mike Scipio (Humber) Thomas McQuade (Georgian)
2005-06 Colin Murray-Lawson (Humber) John Mason (Fanshawe) Jakob Van Dorp (Redeemer)
2004-05 Darl Sutherland (Fleming-P) Jakob Van Dorp (Redeemer) Jason Lane (Cambrian)
2003-04 Deng Kuol (St. Lawrence-K)* Jakob Van Dorp (Redeemer) Pat Donker (Lambton)
2002-03 Deng Kuol (St. Lawrence-K) Darl Sutherland (Fleming-P) Pat Donker (Lambton)
2001-02 Pat Donker (Lambton) Darl Sutherland (Fleming-P) Ken Coupland (Fleming-P)
2000-01 James Gosselin (Cambrian) Derek Clark (Confederation) Lorensio Awai (Fanshawe)
1999-2000 James Gosselin (Cambrian) Tony Smucler (St. Clair) Keith Boyko (Georgian)
1998-99 James Gosselin (Cambrian) Charles Plamondon (La Cité) Joey Steacy (St. Lawrence-K)
1997-98 Charles Plamondon (La Cité) Jett Kirkpatrick (Fanshawe) Dave McCrae (St. Lawrence-B)
1996-97 Simon Whitfield (St. Lawrence-K) Dave McRae (St. Lawrence-K) Andre Proulx (Fanshawe)
1995-96 Anthony Biggar (Humber) Scott Holland (St. Lawrence-K) Craig McLaren (Fleming-L)
1994-95 Perry Goodwin (Mohawk) Rodney Alderdice (Mohawk) Greg McNab (Mohawk)
1993-94 Rodney Alderdice (Mohawk) Scott Faulds (Loyalist) Brian Lovshin (George Brown)
1992-93 Rodney Alderdice (Mohawk) Edouard Smith (La Cité) Rick Lane (Fleming-L)
1991-92 Shawn Magny (Fanshawe) Rodney Alderdice (Mohawk) Stephane Lemire, Northern
1990-91 Rodney Alderdice (Mohawk) Yvon Bernard (St. Clair) Derrick Spafford (Loyalist)
1989-90 David Cressman (Fanshawe) Duarte Faria (Sheridan) Yvon Bernard (St. Clair)
1988-89 Darryl Rowan (George Brown) Paul McAnamez (Sheridan) Larry McGregor (Mohawk)
1987-88 Larry McGregor (Mohawk) Jim Graham (George Brown) Peter McKenney (Mohawk)
1986-87 Steve Case (Mohawk) Jim Doyle (St. Lawrence-K) Peter McKenney (Mohawk)
1985-86 Steve Case (Mohawk) Bruce Thomson (Georgian) Steve Scudder (Georgian)
1984-85 Iain Galloway (Mohawk) Perry Bisutti (Mohawk) David Law (Fleming-P)
1983-84 Tom Johnson (Mohawk) David House (Confederation) Chris Dickson (St. Lawrence-K)
1982-83 David House (Confederation) Marc Beaudouin (George Brown) Mike Mooney (Mohawk)
1981-82 Chris Dickson (St. Lawrence-K) Jeff Murphy (Centennial) Peter Nowak (Conestoga)
1980-81 Roland Brack (Mohawk) Brett Beyers (Sheridan) Jacques LeBlance (Cambrian)
1979-80 Roland Brack (Mohawk) Doug Kennedy (St. Lawrence-K) Wally Grasmeyer (Sheridan)
1978-79 Roland Brack (Mohawk) Fred Robbins (Seneca) John MacDonald (Mohawk)
1977-78 Paul Morrison (Mohawk) Fred Robbins (Seneca) Brian Baird (Sheridan)
1971-72 Peter MacDonald (Mohawk)    
1970-71 Keith Sheardown (Georgian)    
1969-70 Bill Urie (Mohawk)    
1968-69 Jim Rea (Seneca)    
*Won National Championship


Previous Women's Individual Champions

Gold Silver Bronze
2016-17 Mary Strain (Cambrian) Kaitlin Shuvera (Humber) Stacey Andrews (Fanshawe)
2015-16 Emily Marcolini (Cambrian) Ashley Bickle (Loyalist) Anna Greve (Sault)
2014-15 Lindsay Webster (Humber) Nicole Bernardi (Fanshawe) Coby Phillips (Humber)
2013-14 Courtney Brohart (St. Lawrence-K) Cara Coults (Humber) Donia Oumesrour (St. Clair)
2012-13 Richelle Moore (St. Lawrence-K) Stephanie Braithwaite (Seneca) Darian Limb (Humber)
2011-12 Vicky Siemon (Humber) Erika Houde-Pearce (George Brown) Richelle Moore (St. Lawrence-K)
2010-11 Liliane Sparkes (Fanshawe) Richelle Moore (St. Lawrence-K) Erika Houde-Pearce (Fanshawe)
2009-10 Liliane Sparkes (Fanshawe)* Rebecca Pieterson (Fanshawe) Erika Pearce (Fanshawe)
2008-09 Dawn Martin (St. Lawrence-B) Tineke DeJong (Fanshawe) Becky Pieterson (Fanshawe)
2007-08 Ingrid Golemiec-Stover (St. Lawrence-K) Lisa Lee (Humber) Charlene Gibbons (Mohawk)
2006-07 Lisa Lee (Humber) Hollie Gordon (Fleming-P) Amie Leitch (Humber)
2005-06 Amanda Kosmerly (Cambrian) Tiia Dolson (Georgian) Rachel Lavallée (Fleming-P)
2004-05 Jutta Merilainen (Loyalist) Annie Robitaille (Boréal) Nathalie Labelle (Cambrian)
2003-04 Jutta Merilainen (Loyalist) Annie Robitaille (Boréal) Elissa Wildeboer, Redeemer
2002-03 Chantal Demers (Cambrian) Meghan Baxter (George Brown) Jessica Foote (Fleming-P)
2001-02 Chantal Demers (Cambrian) Marnie Sheppard (St. Lawrence-C) Jennifer Desjardins (Georgian)
2000-01 Chantal Demers (Cambrian) Karen Gibson (Georgian) Sharon Spear (Fleming-P)
1999-2000 Sarah Heipel (Cambrian) Karen Gibson (Georgian) Andree Perron (Fanshawe)
1998-99 Paula Wiltse (St. Lawrence-B) Catherine Boundy (St. Clair) Breanne Campbell (Mohawk)
1997-98 Daina Stevens (Cambrian) Cindy Dennis (George Brown) Sara Heiple (Cambrian)
1996-97 Marlene MacLennan (Fanshawe) Iris Karns (Fanshawe) Melissa Viaenne, Lambton
1995-96 Michelle Wigmore (Fleming-L) Amanda Kosmerly (Cambrian) Daina Stevens (Cambrian)
1994-95 Nancy Schuster (Cambrian) Colleen Treleaven (Mohawk) Julie Bellbeck (Fanshawe)
1993-94 Amanda Kosmerly (Cambrian) Brenda Beavers (Cambrian) Shelley Mallen (Loyalist)
1992-93 Shelly Mallen (Loyalist) Amanda Kosmerly (Cambrian) Brenda Beavers (Cambrian)
1991-92 Ruth Nogalo (Fanshawe) Shannon Bedard (St. Clair) Wendy Stien (Mohawk)
1990-91 Julie-Kay Lang (Loyalist) Dawn Moncriefe (George Brown) Shannon Bedard (St. Clair)
1989-90 Carolyn Stewart (St. Lawrence-K) Stephanie Worsfold (Fanshawe) Jodi Herold (Mohawk)
1988-89 Tunde Reti (Fanshawe) Faye Carnochan (Mohawk) Wendy Williams (Mohawk)
1987-88 Lisa Amsden (Mohawk) Susan Warren (Durham) Cecile Plamondon (Georgian)
1986-87 Lisa Amsden (Mohawk) Sue Kainulainen (Seneca) Kendra Titus (Georgian)
1985-86 Lisa Amsden (Mohawk) Kendra Titus (Georgian) Jody Shaw (Mohawk)
1984-85 Brenda Kennedy (Georgian) Kim Jelly (Mohawk) Erin Montgomery (Mohawk)
1983-84 Kim Jelly (Mohawk) Jackie McVittie (St. Clair) Stephanie Crump (George Brown)
1982-83 Lorna Hearty (Cambrian) Yvonne Kohler (Mohawk) Jeanette Bertens (Mohawk)
1981-82 Yvonne Kohler (Mohawk) Barb Culpeper (Sheridan) Lori Ann Toombs (Centennial)
1980-81 Jude Gooch (George Brown) Laurie Toombs (Centennial) Arlene Kendall (George Brown)
1979-80 Arlene Kendal (George Brown) Jude Gooche (George Brown) Brenda Bodnar (St. Clair)
1978-79 Linda Kirk (Humber) Marilyn Aston (Sheridan) Chris Brown (Centennial)
1977-78 Marilyn Ashton (Sheridan) Judy Buck (Centennial) Beth Pippy (Fleming-L)
*Won National Championship