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Date Event Host Links
Sept. 20 Coed Ultimate Frisbee Toronto Mississauga  
Sept. 20 Coed Outdoor Soccer Seneca Newnham  
Oct. 4 Coed Indoor Soccer Humber North  
Oct. 11 Coed Ultimate Frisbee Humber North  
Oct. 18 Men's Indoor Cricket Humber North  
Oct. 25 Coed Dodgeball Laurier Brantford  
Oct. 30 Coed Indoor Soccer Sheridan Trafalgar  
Oct. 31 Women's Hockey Georgian Orillia & Lakehead Orillia  
Nov. 1 Men's Hockey Georgian Orillia & Lakehead Orillia  
Nov. 1 Coed Volleyball Humber North  
Nov. 8 Coed Dodgeball Humber Lakeshore  
Nov. 8 Men's Indoor Cricket Centennial Progress  
Nov. 14/15 Men's & Women's Ice Hockey Humber North  
Nov. 15 Coed Volleyball Toronto Mississauga  
Nov. 16 Powerlifting Sheridan Davis  
Nov. 22 Coed Indoor Soccer Humber Lakeshore  
Nov. 22 Men's Ice Hockey Redeemer  
Nov. 22 Coed Volleyball Laurier Brantford  
Nov. 22 Women's Basketball Humber North  
Nov. 26 Men's Indoor Cricket Georgian Barrie  
Nov. 29 Men's Hockey George Brown  
Nov. 29 Men's Basketball Humber North  
Jan. 9/10 Men's Hockey St. Lawrence Brockville  
Jan. 17 Men's Hockey Seneca Newnham  
Jan. 17 Women's Hockey Fleming Lindsay  
Jan. 17 Women's Basketball George Brown Casa Loma  
Jan. 17 Men's Basketball Centennial Progress  
Jan. 18 Men's Indoor Cricket Fleming Peterborough  
Jan. 23 Men's Basketball Sheridan Davis  
Jan. 23 Men's & Women's Ice Hockey Fanshawe  
Jan. 24 Coed Volleyball Humber Lakeshore  
Jan. 24 Men's Indoor Cricket Toronto Mississauga  
Jan. 25 Women's Flag Football Sheridan Davis  
Jan. 31 Men's Hockey Fleming Lindsay  
Feb. 1 Olympic Weightlifting Centennial Progress  
Feb. 5/6 Men's & Women's Ice Hockey La Cité  
Feb. 6 Coed Dodgeball George Brown St. James  
Feb. 7 Men's Basketball Mohawk  
Feb. 7 Coed Indoor Soccer Toronto Mississauga  
Feb. 7 Men's & Women's Hockey Laurier Brantford  
Feb. 7 Men's Indoor Cricket Sheridan Davis  
Feb. 14 Women's Basketball Seneca King  
Feb. 14 Men's & Women's Hockey Laurier Brantford  
Feb. 21 Coed Volleyball Centennial Progress  
Feb. 21 Men's Basketball Seneca Newnham  
Mar. 6 OCR Ninja Challenge George Brown  
Mar. 6 Men's & Women's Basketball Laurier Brantford  
Mar. 13 Coed Volleyball Seneca King  
Mar. 13 Coed Indoor Soccer Seneca Newnham  
Mar. 15 Unified Basketball/Bocce Mohawk  
Mar. 25 Men's & Women's Hockey Georgian Barrie